Scientific Program

Keynote lectures, workshops and much more!

What to expect from Tuzla Brain Week 2021

Things that make us different

Prominent experts

Keynote lectures by prominent experts in the field in which they operate, which are also related to the general theme of the project.

Student scientific and research session

Congress session where active students-participants from different universities will have the opportunity to apply, prepare and present their papers, explain their scientific thesis and compete for awards.

Hands on experience!

Education of medical students in the field of work, access, proper prevention, and then diagnostics and treatment of diseases related to the nervous system in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other medical fields.

For general public

The focus of the work is on children and young people, whose aim is to improve learning and memory, and to develop cognitive functions through problem solving, developing critical thinking, using interesting tasks and games, and engaging participants in discussion and focusing on expressing opinions and attitudes.

Compete with other participants

A competition between (bio) medical students who presented cases in the field of neuroscience with a practical presentation of a clinical picture or a pictorial representation of a neuroscientific phenomenon.

Let's talk science in Neuro Talk

Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations by young, academic citizens from other fields of science which are outside the framework of medicine.

Tuzla Brain Week Agenda

It might be too early to tell, but it will be great 🙂

Agenda is not added yet. Visit us again later!